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Scanning Electron Microscopy
JEOL Scanning Electron Microscopes offer the ultrahigh resolution and versatility that empower today's microscopist to image and characterize a new generation of nanomaterials, capture biological details, analyze forensic evidence, create nanopatterns, and pinpoint problems in manufacturing processes.

Transmission Electron Microscopy
JEOL innovations in Transmission Electron Microscopy are legion, ranging from ultrahigh resolution optics with spherical aberration Cs correction for atom-to-atom characterization, to advanced 3D tomography for the life sciences. Our TEMs enable researchers to investigate samples using cryotomography, STEM, MDS, EDS, EDXA and EELS.

Surface Analysis
JEOL has long led the way in Surface Analysis instruments with Auger Microanalyzers, Electron Probe Microanalyzers (EPMA), and Photoelectron Spectrometers. JEOL Auger Microprobes offer the highest resolution available.

Sample Preparation
JEOL leads the way in cross section preparation solutions for difficult materials, including composites, oil shale, coatings, paper, and solar panels. Our sample preparation tools include FIB for micro milling and imaging for semiconductor and composite materials, and a vacuum evaporator for carbon coating.

Analytical Instruments
JEOL is renowned for innovations in mass spectrometry. We introduced the Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) open air ion source as well as the first MALDI-TOF/TOF of its kind. We offer exact mass, high resolution LC/MS and GC/MS. JEOL has a long history in the field of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Electron Spin Resonance (ESR).

JEOL has produced lithography tools for more than 40 years, and offers semiconductor manufacturers a comprehensive line of e-beam systems for photomask and direct write, as well as a lineup of wafer inspection tools. JEOL semiconductor equipment is backed by award-winning 24/7 service support and long-term commitment to our customers.

Medical Equipment
JEOL’s innovative, cost-effective systems for medical diagnoses and analyses integrate routine clinical chemistry, hematology, immunodiagnostics, and laboratory automation.

Industrial Equipment
JEOL’s advanced electron beam and plasma technologies are used to create high-quality, high-performance optical films and plating.

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